We provide a service that allows businesses to send payments to any bank globally.

If you are a small business with infrequent needs to send money to other countries, the mobile app may be sufficient. If you are a business that has the need to integrate your existing solution, then the API connection is recommended

Our rate chart can be found on the Pricing page.

We accept most businesses with the exception of-

Any illegal act;

Prohibited Use of the service
VTNGLOBAL strictly prohibits using our service for the following types of businesses

-Any illegal act;
-Alcohol sales, drugs, drug paraphernalia
-Pornographic items, adult related businesses
-Cigarettes, tobacco, or e-cigarettes
-Gambling of any kind, including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, and betting
-Sales of money-orders, foreign currency services without a license
-Reselling prepaid cards or gift cards\certificates;
-All activities that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime;

To receive payment from a user, your account must be active and your identity verified.
If your account is yet to be activated, you can not receive payments, withdraw or send payments.
Also, if you have reached your daily, or monthly limit, you will not be able to receive payments.

Yes, your account must be funded by the approved methods listed on our site or mobile app instructions

Typically within 24-48hrs and this depends on countries and the method of payment such as cash pickup, mobile payments, and wire transfers

Please click on the Contact Us link and submit your inquiries

The currency we accept for pre-funding is the United States dollar

Please visit our AML/KYC page to start the onboarding process. We encourage you to provide all the information requested to speed up the process