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Do business with 124 countries!

Transfer money from your bank to any bank world-wide. Our solution allows businesses to transfer money to bank accounts and mobile wallets in over 124 countries without having any operations on the ground in the destination countries.

Our full stack API and mobile app unlock new capabilities for B2B, B2P, and P2P

Partners make money on both FX and transaction fees.


  • Wallet to wallet- multicurrency

  • Wallet to banks in 124 countries- multicurrency

  • Multicurrency conversion.

  • Debit Card

  • Our goal is to remove obstacles to simple and legally compliant payment for goods and services in 124 countries from wherever you are. With VTNGlobal abstracting away these usually annoying and time-consuming details, you can focus on your business.

    Grow your business globally, make one payment or multiple payments in a mode with which you are comfortable, such as uploading payment files or integrating via our API.

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    What Our Clients are Saying About Us

    "Reliable, obsession with accuracy is the best way to describe VTN "
    NYSE-listed partner and pioneer communications and payment services provider since 2015
    "As a pioneer money transmitter we are always in awe that VTN team are always few steps ahead of the curve"
    NYSE-listed partner and the biggest money transmitter since 2013
    "Turn around when we request a customized report is unbelievable".
    Major aggregator for money transmission and airtime toptop Partner since 2015

    VTNGLOBAL is changing businesses

    VTNGLOBAL’s solutions are changing how global businesses trade with each other as an uninterrupted connection to the international financial system, and all global banks. Our solution allows partners to the inefficiency and lack of transparency of bank wires. With initial AML/KYC on your account, there will be no bother with paperwork and unnecessary questions when sending money to other countries. It’s your money, use it when you need it.
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